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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

iPad 3 March 7th Event!

Apple has finally announced its iPad (2S or 3?) event! I have been waiting for this announcement since the release of iPad 2. The primary reason I waited for the next generation iPad is the (very probable) introduction of the Retina Display which is currently utilized on the iPhone 4 and 4S. Apple's Retina Display is rumored to have four times the number of pixels as the current model. Apple will also probably boost up the rear-facing camera with its 8MP model currently used in the iPhone 4S (this would give us a boost from 720p recording to 1080p recording!).

What else may we expect from Apple?

I would really like to see a next generation processor worthy of the A6 title. However, rumor has it (with photo evidence you can view bellow) that Apple will release an A5X chip, which will remain duel-core. Earlier rumors claimed that Apple would introduce a quad-core A6 chip for the next generation iPad.

Personally, I don't care if Apple releases a version with a smaller screen. However, I would love to see a larger 10" screen rather than the 9.7" screen the current models have. Of course it should have more memory as well. The iPad 2 only has 512MB of ram; I would really like to see an upgrade to 1GB! With the new display I would like to see an upgrade to the current PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics chip as well. Of course it will also have Siri. It may also have Gorilla Glass, which would be awesome! Finally, and the least probable (not a shot in Hell), I would love to see Flash brought to all Apple devices with OS5 upgrade. That is truly wishful thinking, however :( 

What might I not want in the new iPad?

One thing that has been rumored is that Apple will release iPad with a smaller dock connector, which in my opinion would be terrible, as older accessories would be obsolete for your new device. That is pretty much the only thing that I wouldn't want to see in the new iPad. Although there was a rumor that the new model will not have a home button - but that rumor was based on a picture of the new device in portrait mode (see below). Thus, the home button would not be visible in the photo. 

Overall, the Apple community is really excited and so am I! I have waited to buy an iPad for a long time and I hope this model will be worth my wait. I will be sitting near my computer on March 7 waiting for the event to hit the Apple website (and reading a live feed). For the iPhone 4S event many websites "claimed" to have a live feed, when in reality it was just a few kids talking and blogging speculative information as the event proceeded - not even cool. If you can't wait to watch it (like myself), I suggest reading about the event live from Gizmodo's website. For the iPhone 4S even they ran a wonderful live text feed from inside the presentation. Until then, there is plenty of time for lots of wishful thinking within the rumor mill. 
"Well, everybody's heard iPad stories around the campfire. Heck, my grandma used to spin yarns about the iPad 3 that would rocket past the farm where she grew up!"
Do you know where I adapted this quote from? 

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